Focus on the "City of the Future": ages 15-18

Published on 01.10.2022
High School
Science and technology of industry and sustainable development

15 min read

Jeune fille lunettes virtuelles

The world is becoming more 'urban'. Giant cities, but also the exponential growth of cities with 100,000 inhabitants are changing the way we live in cities. The city of the future, coping with the impacts of climate change, will modify its organization in all sectors: transport, housing, waste, urban planning and the environment. This evolution will be based on technological innovations, with the massive contribution of digital technology, but also on the new uses and new behaviors of the citizens that will depend on you. Here’s an overview in France and around the world.


Challenges for the Cities of the Future

According to the United Nations (U.N.), 68% of the world’s population will live in urba...
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An artist's impression of a spiral-shaped underwater city conceived by a Japanese construction firm..

Is the Future According to Urban Planners Utopic?

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City of the Future Quiz

Test your knowledge on the city of the future !
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