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Partenaire Fondation CGénial

The CGénial Foundation is a non-profit organisation created in 2006 by several companies and with the support of the Ministry of Research. CGénial aims to increase interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) among middle and high school students, and to encourage them to pursue careers in these fields. To achieve this, we bring together companies and educational stakeholders (teachers, guidance counsellors, school principals, etc.) to face the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Through the CGénial Contest, the CGénial Foundation offers teachers the opportunity to set up team projects with their classes, around numerous and varied scientific themes. Environment, health, , energy transition… so many topics that can arouse the students’ interest, make them learn through practice and increase their appetite for scientific and technical fields. This action is co-organised in partnership with "Sciences à l'École", a committee of the Ministry of Education.




Logo OW4K

OffshoreWind4Kids is a non-profit organisation based in Belgium. Our goals are to: 

  1. Inspire girls and boys about engineering, technology and
  2. Stimulate innovation in offshore wind
  3. Spread awareness of offshore wind to the general public 

To stimulate gender diversity in STEM, we aim to reach as many girls as boys during our events. We only started in 2021, but due to the large interest, we've already been active in more than 20 countries! In 2023 we aim to inspire 10.000 kids with the project.


Logo Sparkoh!

Thanks to interactive exhibitions and activities designed to engage our visitors, SPARKOH! strives to arouse curiosity and encourage people to ask questions about themes connected to science and technology rooted in social issues.

Our goal is to give everyone, especially young people, a taste for science and technology, to offer them the tools to understand the world in all its complexity: these are the missions that SPARKOH! has set for itself.
SPARKOH! offers visitors of any age a full day of relaxation and discovery, against the backdrop of a rather unusual architectural and natural environment.

SPARKOH! opened in May 2000. It now operates as a “société coopérative à responsabilité limitée et à finalité sociale (a cooperative company with limited liability and with a social purpose, or SCRLFS) and receives financial support, thanks to a management contract, from the Walloon Region and the Wallonia-Brussels Federations, as well as from institutional and private partners.

Based in Wallonia, near Mons, the SPARKOH! is built on a stunning industrial site, the former Crachet-Picquery mine.

For all : family, school or with a group
SPARKOH! Scientifically proven emotions


The UPSTI association is a non-profit organization established in 1982 under the French law of 1901. It manages a network of over 700 teachers and 300 industrial partners, both in France and abroad, who aim to train future engineers and bridge the gap between education and industry. 

UPSTI engages in all discussions related to scientific and technological education: it is a think tank that envisions the future of school education to adapt it to the industrial challenges of tomorrow. 

UPSTI works with government bodies and political decision-makers to steer scientific and technological education in France, design curricula, guide education towards closer school-industry collaboration, and develop pedagogical innovation. 

The association advocates for and promotes the teaching of Engineering Sciences following the STEM model, as well as Computer Science and Digital Sciences at all educational levels (primary, middle school, high school, higher education). UPSTI's events aim to showcase all talents, foster technological and pedagogical innovation, and create links between schools and industry. 

Our providers

Partenaire Futura

20 years ago, FUTURA was born. A light went on.

This scientific medium, founded by a young engineer, aimed to reconcile the meaning, knowledge, and accessibility of information.

It was about time.

Futura is:

  • 5 thematic universes (Science, Health, Planet, Tech and Home)
  • 3 brands: Jeunes Pousses (Positive Innovation), Skillz (Students and Training) and Smartmotion (Soft Mobility and Mobility of the Future)
  • 13 M SV/month
  • 3 M subscribers on our social networks (FB, IG, TW, TikTok, LK, Snapchat)
  • Strong editorial backing thanks to the scientific expertise of our journalists.
  • A website and a quarterly print magazine

Our mission:

To make knowledge accessible to as many people as possible through the popularization of science.

Our partnership with Planète Energies


As part of the redesign of its website, Planète Energies wanted to develop a new audio format, to discuss the jobs of the future around various themes:

Urban planning and eco-neighborhoods, soft mobility, a focus on energy: photovoltaics, and careers in the service of the climate with capture. 

The Futura answer:

Creation of dedicated podcasts "La boîte à métiers" to answer questions about energy production with a "professional" dimension.


Nathan's ability to diversify production, innovate and pioneer technological change has made it a leader in the fields of schoolbooks, educational materials, children's literature, and educational games.

A multi-media publisher from the outset, Nathan has become a multimedia publisher. Digital textbooks, websites and the electronic schoolbag are just some of the new features that serve an intangible concern: to offer teachers, children, and their families easy, diversified and attractive access to knowledge.

Nathan now has 10,000 references in all these media and produces more than 1,200 new titles every year. In all, 25 million Nathan books and games are distributed every year in France and abroad.

PlayBac is an independent publishing group founded in 1985 by 3 childhood friends with a desire to change the way children learn. With this in mind, they launched the educational fans The Incollables® in 1989 and the daily newspaper Mon Quotidien in 1995. Today, in collaboration with the French Ministry of Education, they aspire to create an “ideal school” with an innovative take on how we educate our children.

Partenaire Rouge Vif junium

At Rouge Vif junium, Rouge Vif Group's educational communication agency, our vocation is to share learnings and raise awareness, by providing audiences with knowledge, know-how and soft skills.    

Whatever the method used: animations, conferences, trainings, educational tools, sites visits or educational tours, everything is done to make our publics live an experience.  

Our educational know-how would be nothing without the strength of our network: an extended team of facilitators, lecturers and trainers who bring our expertise to the field, together with a consulting team that ensures the design and implementation of the content, methods and animation tools best suited to the needs of our audiences.