All About Ocean Energy & hydraulic: Ages 15-18

Published on 02.26.2021
High School

15 min read

Since Antiquity, hydropower has been harvested from river currents and waterfalls. Today, there is growing interest in ocean energy, not just from the force of water (tides, currents, waves), but also from the of wind ( turbines). More complex technologies also exist that exploit the potential of ocean temperature differences, seawater properties and algae . Capturing the energy in oceans is a difficult process that involves a wide range of technologies and professions. Here is an overview of the different “blue energies”.


The Different Forms of Ocean Energy

The Different Forms of Ocean Energy

Renewable ocean energy is categorized based on which properties of the ocean are used, ...
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Centrale eolienne offshore article

The Current Status of Ocean Energy: Offshore Wind Blowing Strong

Oceans contain nearly 1.5 billion cubic kilometers of constantly moving water. That in ...
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Ocean Energy

Find out all about the “blue energy” that can be harnessed from the ocean and moving wa...
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