Focus on Sustainable Energy: Ages 15-18

Published on 04.30.2021

15 min read

High School
Science and technology of industry and sustainable development

What is the difference between “sustainable energy” and “renewable energy”? Both are vital to successfully driving the energy transition and, by extension, protecting the planet. But it is important to make sure that solar, wind, and other sources do not use up too many natural resources (such as minerals) or require overly large and costly equipment. That is why energy systems need to be studied as a whole, with close attention paid to each stage in the “life cycle”.


What Is the Difference Between Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy?

“Renewable” and “sustainable” are often used interchangeably in everyday speech. But there’s a subtle difference…

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Sustainable Energy Challenges: The Electric Car

Energy use must satisfy a set of conditions to be considered “sustainable”: it must not exhaust natural resources, it must not emit too much CO2 or other pollutants and, most importantly, it must form part of a virtuous “cycle” at every stage. Take, for example, electric and hydrogen cars, which are set to play a key role in the future of mobility.

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What Is Energy Efficiency?

How can we reduce energy consumption while maintaining an equivalent level of comfort or performance? This question is the driving force behind all energy efficiency initiatives.

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