All About Heating: Ages 15-18

Updated on 01.27.2021

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There are many different ways to your house or apartment, and they’re getting more and more efficient. From boilers to heat pumps and solar collectors, the equipment is constantly being perfected. District heating systems also have advantages as collective solutions. Here is an overview of efficient, sustainable heating systems.


Image of a gas boiler used for home heating and hot water production.

Home Heating Equipment

On average, heating accounts for 67% of home energy consumption in France and hot water production for 10%, with these proportions varying greatly from household to household.1 Choosing the right heating system is therefore key to increasing energy efficiency and effectively managing energy bills.

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District Heating Systems: Uneven Use Around the World

The use of district heating systems varies significantly worldwide. Although the world’s first district heating systems were introduced in the United States in 1877, the country only uses them to meet 4% of its needs (see box below). Russia is the world leader (55%), but its systems are small and dated. China is expanding its systems at a fast pace. The situation in Europe presents sharp contrasts.

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Energy, Ever-Present in Our Daily Lives

Everything we do requires energy, but we only really notice when it’s time to pay. Whether for home heating and electricity, gasoline or other consumer goods, bills and invoices increasingly include information about the carbon dioxide emissions generated by the products and services we use.

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