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France’s Energy Transition Roadmap

France’s multi-year energy plan (known by its French acronym PPE) in a roadmap for the periods 2019-2023 and 2024-2028, setting out the country’s main energy priorities and thereby guiding public and private investment. The PPE is in line with the French “National low-carbon strategy”. With these two sets of guidelines, the country aims to meet the targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement and achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Although the PPE was published by the French government in late 2018, discussions are still ongoing. This article discusses the main focuses of the PPE.

Fossil fuels, renewable energies, nuclear : France’s energy transition roadmap ©GettyImages

1) Reducing Energy Consumption

ppe_Table-Actual and Projected Energy Consumption Trends by Energy Carrier

2) Eliminating Fossil Fuels

Tableau sur les deux scénarios 2028 de la progression de la chaleur renouvelable

3) Developing Renewable Energies

ppe-Table-Installed Renewable Electricity Capacity

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4) Not Giving Up on Nuclear

  • The reduction of nuclear to 50% of the power generation mix has been confirmed but pushed back to 2035, instead of 2025 as initially planned.
  • “Reducing the use of nuclear power does not mean giving up on it as an energy source,” says Mr. Macron, who describes it as “reliable, carbon-free and affordable.”
  • The Fessenheim power plant’s two reactors will be decommissioned in the first half of 2020.
  • Two to four of the country’s oldest nuclear facilities will also be shut down before 2030.
  • In all, 14 reactors will be decommissioned by 2035.
  • After the Flamanville EPR plant comes on stream, a decision will be made by mid-2021 about whether to build more reactors.
  • French power utility EDF is being called on to develop a “new nuclear program”.
ppe_Table-Power Generation Mix Trends

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5) Developing Renewable Heat

ppe_Table-Two Scenarios for Renewable Heat Development by 2028

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