All About Heating: Ages 11-14

Updated on 01.27.2021
Middle School

15 min read

Heating houses and apartments accounts for around a fifth of all the energy consumed in France. So it’s definitely worth taking an interest and developing good habits so you can help save money on energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, which cause . But the situation varies a lot from country to country, especially in poorer ones. Let’s take a closer look!


What Different Types of Energy Can Be Used for Heating?

There are many ways to heat a building, from electricity, fuel oil and gas to wood, sol...
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enjeux du chauffage

Issues Surrounding Home Heating

Human beings have constantly been finding new ways to keep warm since mastering fire ar...
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Eco-friendly Heating Habits

Take our short quiz to find out what simple habits you can adopt to reduce the energy c...
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