Our Educational Initiatives

Total, its corporate foundation and its affiliates are involved in promoting education, training young generations and expanding Total’s know-how and expertise worldwide. The company deploys a wide range of initiatives, including literacy programs and scholarship grants, and sets up training centers to help strengthen the educational system. 



Total E&P Angola has signed a cooperation production sharing contract (or agreement)Oil contract under which the oil that is produced is shared between the state and the oil company... to create a long-term program to train students and provide equipment to Agostinho Neto University.

This agreement calls for the development of scientific and educational training at the graduate level, assistance and orientation in collaboration with Total E&P Angola employees and other foreign universities in preparing thesis projects at the graduate, Master and PhD levels, and scholarship grants to students. 

More information: www.total.co.ao


Total Austral has a stake in ecological restoration thanks to the contribution of the academic world and the local community.

Total Austral provides financial support to the Petroleum Engineering degree course taught at the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA), to fund scholarship grants, assist gifted students and invite foreign professionals to teach advanced courses.

In 2013, a cooperation agreement was signed between ITBA, Total Austral and Total Professeurs Associés.

More information: total.com.ar




Total Professeurs Associés (TPA) provides students at Charles Darwin University and University of Western Australia in Perth with industry experience on a diverse range of oil and gas topics. 

More information: total.com.au 



Total Belgium's corporate philanthropy fund supports many educational projects, including: 
-    The Reine Paola Foundation's Ecole de l'Espoir ("School of Hope") program, which provides financial and practical support to innovative projects that seek to improve the social integration of school-age students and their families.  
-    Toekomst Atelier de l'Avenir (TADA), an organization that encourages children to be curious and, through encounters with professionals, to learn, to identify and develop their own talents and to discover the world and themselves. 
-    The Maison des Maths (MdM) organization, whose purpose is to pique students' interest in math at a young age by making it accessible. 
-    Teach for Belgium, which trains young professionals with a graduate-level engineering degree to teach subjects such as French, math and physics in low-performing schools.

Total also sponsors two museums, the Pass and the Technopolis, which have interactive exhibitions that provide children of all ages with the opportunity to discover science in a fun, experience-oriented environment.

Total also reaches out to university-level students by attending various Job Days throughout Belgium. 

"Total Professeurs Associés" organizes conferences and lectures given by some 30 volunteers at universities, with more than 350 half-day events held in 2016. Volunteers share their knowledge and hands-on experience in areas such as energy, petrochemistry, economics, law and human resources management.  

Total also organizes tours of its industrial sites in Brussels and Feluy two to three times a year for small groups of students.

More information: be.total.com


Total E&P Bulgaria has a long-term relationship with Sofia University and with the University of Mining and Geology. To formalize it, in 2015, Total E&P Bulgaria signed with both universities framework cooperation agreements for strategic partnership in education, research and innovation in the domain of oil & gas exploration and production and renewed them in 2018.

Four outstanding Bulgarian students and two of their professors, supported by Total E&P Bulgaria attended TESS 2016 in France (Total Energy Summer School, an event with participants from 33 countries).

A good example of the commitment under these agreements and the third one with Naval Academy, Varna, signed in 2018, are the specialized geology courses with lecturers from Total Professeurs Associés. Between 2015 and 2018, more than 240 students attended one or more of the 15 courses, held in Bulgaria.

Total E&P Bulgaria leads an environmental awareness campaign in Bulgarian, English and French in coastal schools. 550 children, (aged 11-12) and 130 teenagers (aged 15-18) from 18 schools, participated in informative, interactive sessions. They received “Planète Énergies” brochures (with curious facts about energies, tests and games that can be used at school or at home), the Energy Quiz and other educational materials.

 More information: www.bg.total.com



With the help of the Sponsorship and Education departments, Total France supports associations that promote on-ramps to employment, training for young people and the fight against illiteracy. Total develops relationships with schools to shine a spotlight on scientific fields.

Scholarships are also granted to foreign students. Grant holders attend engineering classes and Master or PhD courses in France through a partnership with Institut Français du Pétrole et des Energies Nouvelles.

Academic Chairs are also part of Total France’s educational initiatives. Their main objectives are to stimulate research, teaching and awareness of the energy industry and related areas (such as engineering, geology, environment, biodiversityRefers to the natural diversity of living organisms. It can be measured through the study of species, genes and ecosystems. and energy sciences) in prestigious institutions and universities around the world. Mines Paris Tech, for example offers courses on new energy strategies.  

Total Professeurs Associés builds bridges between the oil industry and major universities and engineering schools by delegating professors or experts who deliver technical or business-related presentations. The topics cover all aspects of the oil industry, from prospecting to chemical activities.

Another educational initiative, Total Solar Expert, provides information to help young people understand renewable energies. This resource is primarily intended for interested teachers.

More information: fr.total.com



Every year, Total Gabon grants scholarships to five Gabonese students to help them pursue a technical diploma (Brevet de Technicien Supérieur) in electromechanical systems at Institut supérieur de technologie d’Afrique Centrale (ISTAC) in Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo.

Total Gabon has also set up a scholarship program intended to broaden access to higher education in technical fields in France. 

More information: www.total.ga



Total Oil India Private Limited regularly supports various programs relating to local communities for the development of education, healthcare and road safety. Total also inducts talent from prestigious Indian institutions.

More information: www.total.in



Total supports creation and sharing in science, technology, arts and the humanities. Total Indonesia is highly partnered with different universities aiming at sharing and spreading knowledge.

Its partnership with Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), a state co-educational research university and the oldest technology-oriented university in Indonesia, is an outstanding example of Total’s educational commitment in the region.

Another proof of commitment in education is shown through the involvement of Total Indonesia in three educative programs : Employee Volunteer Sharing Program (EVSP), TOTAL Professeur Associes (TPA), and TOTAL Day. The three programs have the same mission of sharing knowledge and experiences, yet deliver different programs. 

More information: www.total.id

Myanmar (Burma)


Total E&P Myanmar launches socio-economic development programs to introduce technical education at the local level. A special tuition program was set up to allow high school students who had failed their final exams to start over. Scholarships have also allowed some students to go on to higher education in Yangon and Dawei. Total E&P Myanmar has supported more than 82 scholarship students in post-secondary education since 2003.

More information: burma.total.com



Total Russia brings its know-how to students of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas. This innovative, top-tier university is a flagship of higher technical education in Russia.

More information: www.ru.total.com

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia





Total Saudi Arabia supports research in science and technology through its partnership with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology.

More information: www.sa.total.com

South Africa

South Africa

Total South Africa' partnership with SANParks in the Keep Kruger Clean initiative is an expression of two key business pillars: SustainabilitySustainability indicates a state that is sustainable or reasonably manageable over the long term. and Shared Benefit for communities in which the company operates.

While the Total South Africa joined Keep Kruger Clean in 2014, SANParks launched the programme in 2006 with the aim of engaging learners, educators and active citizens from neighbouring communities to become custodians of this Unesco World Heritage Site. 

More information: http://za.total.com



"Young People Are Our Biggest Source of Energy" 

Total Turkey launches the Young Talents programme which offers new graduates six months' experience in discovering one of Total Turkey departmentsThe Young Talents Project is one of Total’s most valuable investments.

More information: tr.total.com

United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Total in the UAE offers many training opportunities in the Emirates and experience abroad to engineers and future leaders. This type of individual support and coaching fosters each student's personal development and successful entry into the world of work. Supported by Total in the UAE, The Petroleum Institute University and Research Center intends to become a world-class institution in both engineering education and energy industry research.

Total Abu Al Bukhoosh Academy (ABK Academy) is another example of the company’s educational commitment in the region. Total ABK Academy hosts young apprentices so that experienced professionals can impart their know-how and passion to future technicians. 

More information: www.ae.total.com

United Kingdom

Total Better Energy School Awards

The Better Energy School Awards in the UK aim to assist and encourage environmental education for young people.  Over the last 10 years 230,000 young people have participated in the awards.  Total in the UK businesses are proud to partner with the Young Peoples’ Trust for the Environment in bringing young people together to learn about the natural world and the need for sustainability.

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