Our Aim

Energy is central to many of the challenges that lie ahead. Because we are all seeking to form our own opinions, Planète Énergies was created in 2005. Overseen by Total Foundation since January 2019, the initiative aims to provide young people, their teachers, parents and anybody else interested with the keys to understanding all aspects of energy and related issues.
Greater knowledge of energy is also needed to fuelFuel is any solid, liquid or gaseous substance or material that can be combined with an oxidant... informed discussion. Companies both large and small have a role to play in this collective effort, by working with schools and universities to raise awareness, either directly or through their corporate foundations.

Planète Énergies clearly and unambiguously highlights the essential contribution made by all sectors of the energy industry.

Three Core Beliefs

Planète Énergies is an educational initiative that emphasizes balanced, objective contributions to help people understand the diverse range of energy sources, primary and secondary, old and new. Informing discussions engaged around the world about the transition to more sustainable energy production and consumption systems, it is founded on three core beliefs:

Energy is central to human development:

Its availability determines access to health care, food, education, safety and well-being for everyone on the planet, in developed and emerging economies alike. Without energy, there would be no running water, no hospitals, no schools, no housing and no transportation.

Energy is precious, so we must use it wisely:

We can all, in our own way, help build a responsible energy future that is respectful of the environment and the rights of the most disadvantaged. Governments, business and ordinary people must be aware of their responsibilities in connection with sustainabilitySustainability indicates a state that is sustainable or reasonably manageable over the long term. and environmental protection.

Knowledge and research drive progress:

Progress is not an outdated concept. To be confident about the future, we need to send an optimistic message about innovation and development. We also need to whet young people's appetites for science, to encourage them to pursue careers in this area.

A Clear Editorial Line

Planète Énergies is an online platform, available in English and French, that publishes content developed by a dedicated editorial team and news from media partners. Clear infographics and illustrative videos and photos are used alongside highly educational explanations of the main trends shaping the industry. The website encompasses all energies, from fossil fuels and nuclear energyEnergy produced in nuclear power plants. The enormous amount of heat released during fission of uranium atom nuclei is transferred to water... to renewables from sources that are constantly replenished by nature. It explores the past and future possibilities and examines the role and applications of energy in daily life (the home, transportation, use); technological innovation, in particular by small businesses; jobs; the economy; the environment and climate change; and the development of emerging economies.

Planète Énergies’ guiding principle – education – requires both accuracy and objectivity.

The Editorial Board, made up of experts from various backgrounds, guarantees the website’s reliability and impartiality.