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Focus on solar energy : ages 11-14

Focus on the solar energy : ages 11-14

The use of the free and unlimited energy provided by the sun is being developed around the world. This energy is transformed directly into electricity by dark blue photovoltaic panels, arranged in thousands in huge land-based parks or fixed in small numbers on the roof of a house. The sun's energy can also be converted into heat, used to turn turbines or to run a solar water heater or oven. It is well suited for local use, for example in villages on the African continent. Here is an overview of this renewable and carbon-free energy.

Les fours solaires


Solar Cookers

Solar cookers are the quickest and most practical way of harnessing solar powerIn physics, power is the amount of energy supplied by a system per unit time. In simpler terms, power can be viewed as energy output...   and converting it into heatIn the field of statistical thermodynamics today, heat refers to the transfer of the thermal agitation of the particles making up matter... . So they come in pretty handy for a mountain hike or a picnic! But they’re also a great alternative to cooking on a wood, coalCoal is ranked by its degree of transformation or maturity, increasing in carbon content from... , or dry-dung fires, still widely used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

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The significant challenge of the energy transition requires increasing the number of solar farms tenfold. Solar farms, that  produce electricityForm of energy resulting from the movement of charged particles (electrons) through a conductor... directly, are the most widespread. Countries with vast expanses of land are perfect candidates. But there are many other ways of finding space...

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