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In Our Daily Lives: Everyday Energy-Saving Tips

We can all reduce our energy consumption, our greenhouse gas emissions and save money in the process. How? By simply changing a few habits in our day-to-day lives.

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In our home

Heating accounts for more than two-thirds of a home’s energy consumption. Heating-related energy bills can be reduced by:

  • Turning the thermostat to a lower but still comfortable temperature. Heating a room to 19°C instead of 20°C, for example, reduces energy consumption by 7%.
  • Turning down the heating at night or when you go out and closing the shutters.
  • To reduce the need for air-conditioning, keep the shutters closed on very hot days and air your home after dark.
  • It is also a good idea to limit your hot water system to 60°C and to take showers rather than baths.

You can also reduce energy consumption by:

According to ADEME, you consume 50% less energy by washing your laundry at 30°C instead of 60°C, and 25% less by washing it at 40°C. If you choose the economy setting on your dishwasher, you use 45% less electricity per cycle. And not using your clothes dryer can reduce your annual electricity consumption by 15%.


Consumer Choices

Follow these tips: