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Refining, a Sector Undergoing Profound Changes

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The refining industry has to continuously adapt to consumer expectations. © M.CECCONI / TOTAL

European refineries are now producing too much gasoline and not enough diesel. They can no longer be sure they will break even. The industry needs to adapt in response to these issues, a process that is already under way.

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The refining process converts crude oilOil that has not been refined. into petroleum products for consumers and industry. This involves using state-of-the-art technology and aligning production with demand. Demand has diversified and shifted in recent years, requiring upgrades to facilities.

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In Europe, the refining industry is encountering a slew of difficulties, including declining petroleum product consumption and eroding margins. And on the export side, the American market is saturated. In contrast, demand in emerging economies, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, is growing strongly.

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Conditions are difficult for European refining All industrial processes used to obtain various petroleum products, such as gas, gasoline, heating oil and asphalt, from crude oil. (See Close-Up: "Refining in France: An Expert Eye"). Because of changing market trends and regulations, refiners must upgrade and adapt their facilities. This requires substantial financial investment.

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