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Petrochemicals and Plastics

La pétrochimie et les matières plastiques
Plastic pellets are an essential ingredient of many petrochemical products. Wikicommons

Petrochemicals are chemicals derived from fossil fuels and biomass sources. They are used to produce a wide range of basic industrial materials and everyday products. A prime example is plastics, whose environmental benefits are underestimated.

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The petrochemical industry plays a crucial role in modern industry. It produces intermediate products derived from fossil fuels or biomassIn the energy sector, biomass is defined as all organic matter of plant or animal origin... , which are then used as the building blocks for a host of everyday items. 

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In the past ten years, humankind has generated more plastic objects than during the entire 20th century. This assessment by the United Nations in June 2018 proves how urgently we need to reduce the pollution of our planet caused by untreated and non-recycled waste. The prime offenders targeted by the U.N. and the European Union are single-use plastic items, because plastics also have incomparable advantages and irreplaceable uses in sectors such as housing, transportation and healthcare.

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