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Oil and Gas Stakeholders

fr - Les acteurs du pétrole et du gaz
Oil and gas is a global business, involving major companies, governments and international organizations. © THINKSTOCK

From oil companies to international organizations and governments, oil and gas stakeholders are taking steps to address the challenges associated with production and consumption. Geopolitical, economic and now climate concerns mean that these issues must be examined and dealt with from a global perspective.

fr - Les institutions internationales du pétrole et du gaz

Oil and gas supply influences — and is influenced by — the global economy and geopolitics. Producing and consuming countries have set up international organizations to address energy, business and climate issues that require concerted governmental action.

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fr- relation compagnies producteur pétrole

Oil companies and producing countries have seen their relationship evolve significantly over the years. There has been a continuing trend by national governments toward tighter access to their countries’ oil and gas reserves.

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fr- les différentes types de compagnies pétrolières et gazières

The current landscape gradually took shape in the years following the first oil crisis in 1973, when the decision by producing countries to reassert their sovereignty over their natural resources led to an upward spiral in oil prices.

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