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Biofuel Producers and Consumers

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Because biofuels are renewable energies, their development has enjoyed significant backing from policy-makers. Nevertheless, biofuels’ role in the energy landscape is limited by the lack of available arable land, their poor ecobalance and competition with food crops.

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The world’s top two ethanol producers in 2017 were the United States, where ethanol is primarily derived from corn, and Brazil, which uses sugar cane. Brazil saw its production drop significantly in 2017 and faced a very aggressive approach from the United States in terms of both developing its resources and pursuing export markets.

Production increased in France, driven by soaring consumption of fuels containing ethanol.For conversion purposes, 1,000 barrels of bioethanol is equal to around 570 barrels of oil equivalent). 


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Global Biofuel Production

Between 2016 and 2017, global biofuelA fuel produced from plant or animal matter. There are currently two types of biofuel... production rose 3.5%. Over the past ten years, growth has been moderate, at just over 11%.


The United States and Brazil dominate the industry, together accounting for two-thirds of total production. The leading European producers are Germany and France, followed by the Netherlands and Spain. 



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