Feature Report: Wind energy for ages 15-18

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Wind Power

Wind Power

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Wind has been harnessed by mankind since Antiquity to propel sailing vessels and since the Middle Ages to powerIn physics, power is the amount of energy supplied by a system per unit time. In simpler terms, power can be viewed as energy output... windmills. It is a free, non-polluting, infinitely renewable energyEnergy sources that are naturally replenished so quickly that they can be considered inexhaustible on a human time scale... source that is widely available throughout the world. Today, this ever-present source of energy is used to generate electricityForm of energy resulting from the movement of charged particles (electrons) through a conductor... , thanks to modern wind turbines. In the past 15 years, wind power has taken off and its development has gone from strength to strength, even if commitment to wind energyEnergy derived from the wind. Wind power involves converting the kinetic energy of moving air (wind) into electricity. varies from country to country. In Europe, for example, wind-power champion Denmark produces 42% of its electricity from wind.