Feature Report: Photovoltaic Solar Power Is Booming

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The Photovoltaic Chain

The Photovoltaic Value Chain

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The most widely used solar photovoltaic technology is based on siliconSilicon crystals come from silica, the main compound in quartz and sand. Silicon is a semi-conducting material. , a semi-conductor derived from quartz, which is a virtually inexhaustible natural resource.

Silicon ingots are sliced into wafers, which are manufactured into cells that can can convert the energy of light into electricityForm of energy resulting from the movement of charged particles (electrons) through a conductor... by the photovoltaic effectCreation of electric current when a semiconductor material is struck by light photons. . The cells are assembled together into photovoltaic models, or solar panels, which are used in both large solar farms and small installations. See the images for details.