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Three Simple Mobility Exercises on Mobility

Mobility means getting from one place to another, using different means of transportation, at different speeds, and with fuels emitting different amounts of pollution or CO2. Here are three exercises to help you understand how these variables interact.

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Level 1 Exercise / Exploring :

The Faster You Go, the More FuelFuel is any solid, liquid or gaseous substance or material that can be combined with an oxidant... You Consume!

This exercise shows the correlation between speed and fuel consumption.

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Download the exercise here (PDF format)


Level 2 Exercise / Tell me more:

The Solar Airplane, Featherweight World Champion

This exercise shows hows how, without using fuel, Solar Impulse 2 flew around the world in 2015 and 2016. 

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Download the exercise here (PDF format)


Learn more:
[close-up] Solar Impulse 2 Takes Wing

Level 3 Exercise / Going In Depths:

Heavy-Weight Category: Container Ships!

This exercise compares the CO2See Carbon Dioxid emission of a carrier to that of a truck. The answer will surprise you!

Exercice simple mobilité 3

Download the exercise here (PDF format)


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