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Exercises to read tables and charts properly

Simple exercises to understand the charts, tables and indicators that support the various documents in the energy sector.

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Newspaper and magazine articles, energy studies and technical documents on various types of equipment all often include charts and tables. These have become more diverse with the rise of digital technology. To learn effectively, it’s important to be able to read these diagrams. With this first in a series of exercises, ranging from very easy to much more challenging, Planète Energies is helping you do just that.


Exercise level 1 / Beginner:

How Much ElectricityForm of energy resulting from the movement of charged particles (electrons) through a conductor... Does Your Video Game Console Use?

This exercise teaches you how to calculate an electricity consumption based on powerIn physics, power is the amount of energy supplied by a system per unit time. In simpler terms, power can be viewed as energy output... and duration of activity.

Download the exercise here (PDF)

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Exercise level 2 / Intermediate:

Understanding a Solar Map

This exercise explains how it is possible to know the solar potential on the roof of your house.

Download the exercise here (PDF)

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Exercise level 3 / Expert:

Charts to Help Visualize Flows​                                                                        

This exercise shows how to visualize the transformation and flow of energy from production to consumption

Dowload the exercise here (PDF)

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