Feature Report: Natural Gas Producers and Consumers

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Global Natural Gas Reserves

The figures below correspond to proved natural gas reserves, in other words identified deposits from which gas can be recovered under existing economic and operating conditions. 
Three countries – Iran, Russia and Qatar – currently hold nearly half of the world’s identified conventional natural gas reserves. Unconventional gas reserves (shale gas, coalbed gas, tight gas and methane hydrates) have been estimated at much higher but more uncertain volumes. 
Today, shale gas is chiefly mined in the United States. However, estimates show that China, Argentina and Algeria also have significant natural gas resources.

Global Natural Gas Reserves (in trillions of cubic meters)


Country End 2017 Share of Global Reserves
Russia 35.0 18.1%
Iran 33.2 17.2%
Qatar 24.9 12.9%
Turkmenistan 19.5 10.1%
United States 8.7 4.5%
Venezuela 6.4 3.3%
United Arab Emirates 5.9 3.1%
China 5.5 2.8%
Nigeria 5.2 2.7%
Algeria 4.3 2.2%
Australia 3.6 1.9%
Iraq 3.5 1.8%
Indonesia 2.9 1.5%
Norway 1.7 0.9%
Rest of the World 33.2 17.2%
Total World 193.5 100.0%


Source: BP Statistical Review 2018