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Wind energy for ages 15-18

Wind energy for 15-18 year-olds
Wind energy for 15-18 year-olds ©Getty/Aydinmutlu

Wind energy, which finds its source in wind strength and can be transformed into electricity, is rapidly developing worldwide. Offshore wind turbines, installed off coastlines worldwide, open a wide range of possibilities for the growth of this renewable energy. Spotlight on this challenge.

L'énergie éolienne


Wind Power

Centrale eolienne offshore

Oceans contain nearly 1.5 billion cubic kilometers of constantly moving water. That in itself gives a sense of the sheer powerIn physics, power is the amount of energy supplied by a system per unit time. In simpler terms, power can be viewed as energy output... of the seas and the large amount of energy that can potentially be extracted. While ocean energy holds great promise, the technological challenges for harvesting it are daunting.

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