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The Solar Airplane, a Technological Adventure

Summary The Solar Airplane, a Technological Adventure

Le premier tour du monde en avion solaire

The dream to build a solar airplane has been around for 40 years. Solar Impulse 2, the latest aircraft in this adventure, is capable of performing a multi-stage, round-the-world journey powered solely by the sun. Solar Impulse 2 is also an airborne laboratory featuring the most efficient solar panels, the lightest components and the best aerodynamics. In command, two pilots ready to brave harsh conditions and sleepless nights in the vast space between the earth and the sun.

L’avion solaire défi  Solar Impulse II

Ever since the first photovoltaic cells were developed some 40 years ago, engineers have worked to develop a solar-powered airplane that doesn’t require any fuelFuel is any solid, liquid or gaseous substance or material that can be combined with an oxidant... . The latest project, Solar Impulse, has a lofty goal: to fly around the world in March 2015.

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