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Housing: Reducing Energy Consumption

Habitat : réduire la consommation énergétique
The "House of the Future", a wide range of architectural and energy options ©THINKSTOCK

In developed countries, housing is the economic sector that consumes the most energy. Although public regulations play a decisive role in improving energy efficiency, private citizens and new technologies can also contribute to reducing energy costs.

Habitat : rénover et construire les maisons du futur

Housing stock has the dual specificity of being inflexible and extremely diversified. Making housing more energy efficient involves acting on new construction, by setting regulations and improving technologies, as well as on existing construction through renovation, which is a long and costly process.   

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Habitat : le rôle décisif de l’usager

Improving a building’s energy efficiencyIn economic terms, energy efficiency refers to the efforts made to reduce the energy consumption of a system... can be achieved both through passive methods that enhance its intrinsic features, particularly at the time of design and construction, and active methods that depend on the user and how they manage their consumption. Passive measures take time, require a holistic approach and can be very expensive. Active measures are less costly (or, indeed, cost-free), and deliver immediate gains. 

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fr-Habitat : le Diagnostic de Performance Énergétique (DPE)

Buildings account for more than 20% of the European Union’s CO2See Carbon Dioxid emissions. For this reason, the E.U. adopted a directive on the energy performance of buildings in 2002. This prompted France to create Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in 2006 to encourage renovation work.1

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fr - domotique

From smart meters to programmable appliances and connected devices, home automationRefers to all the automation and programming processes used in homes... solutions are on the rise. Thanks to these new technologies, our homes are becoming smart, interactive and energy efficient. 

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