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Focus on Responsible Consumption Learning pathway: Ages 15-18

parcours conso responsable lycee EN

“Responsible consumption” is everyone’s business – in France, Europe and worldwide – because combating global warming requires a universal commitment. To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we need to consume both less and more efficiently, thereby ensuring that everyone has access to energy. Learn about this multi-faceted issue here.

fr- Les gestes du quotidien : comment économiser de l’énergie dans ma maison ?

We can all reduce our energy consumption, our greenhouse gas (ghg) Gas with physical properties that cause the Earth's atmosphere to warm up. There are a number of naturally occurring greenhouse gases... emissions and save money in the process. How? By simply changing a few habits in our day-to-day lives.

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Video sustainable development goal 12

SDG 12 aims at producing and consuming goods using fewer natural resources.


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