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Factsheet : Videos and Online Games

Jeux vidéos

In this factsheet, learn more about Videos an Online games. True or false : Online videos produce CO2 emissions ? Watch the video and find out! Then let's practice reading tables and calculating the power consumption of your game console with some exercices.

Planète Energies is offering factsheets on energy-related topics to help make learning and revising fun. On each factsheet, you will find a short video with a game or exercise related to the topic covered. Planète Energies is also a YouTube channel on which you will find all our instructive videos.

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Jeux vidéos

Newspaper and magazine articles, energy studies and technical documents on various types of equipment all often include charts and tables. These have become more diverse with the rise of digital technology. To learn effectively, it’s important to be able to read these diagrams. With this first in a series of exercises, ranging from very easy to much more challenging, Planète Energies is helping you do just that.

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