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All About Responsible Consumption Learning pathway for curious minds

Summary All About Responsible Consumption Learning pathway for curious minds

Parcours Curieux Consommation responsable

“Responsible consumption” of energy on a global, national and individual level spans a wide range of complex topics, including food supply for a world population of 7.7 billion, effective plastic usage and recycling, the exponential increase in digital applications, urban planning and lifestyle choices. In today’s world, where energy resources are finite, how can we understand and address these issues?

L’accès à l’énergie : une grande disparité entre les habitants de la planète .jpg

Water, food, healthcare and education are all fundamental human needs, but they cannot be met without access to one common denominator: energy. Unfortunately, access to this is sorely lacking in emerging economies and the least developed countries.

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fr - Consommation : l’affichage carbone et environnemental

“Carbon ratings” are starting to make their debut on labels in France. Currently in the trial phase, these labels ultimately aim to inform consumers about the impact their purchases have on greenhouse gas (ghg) Gas with physical properties that cause the Earth's atmosphere to warm up. There are a number of naturally occurring greenhouse gases... (GHG) emissions. The European Union is also working on an eco-label for use in all E.U. countries.

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