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All About Mobility Learning pathway for 15-18-year-olds

All about mobility 15 - 18

Everyone wants more “sustainable mobility”. But what exactly does that mean? It depends on whether you’re talking about passengers or freight, a single country or the whole world, and many other factors – including the choices made by the auto industry. Are electric vehicles the way to go? Should you change your own habits? Find out here.

La mobilité durable

Mobility is an essential part of life all over the world, both for individuals (urban transit, road, rail and air travel) and for goods (transportation of agricultural or industrial products and raw materials). Movement has increased considerably with globalization, the creation of e-commerce platforms and the boom in world tourism, and CO2See Carbon Dioxid emissions have risen accordingly. But a series of breakthroughs – digital data management, vehicle electrification and technological improvements to engines and fuels – could turn the trend around.

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Les enjeux de la transition automobile

Road transportation is increasing globally, and the number of vehicles worldwide is projected to double over the next 30 years. Carmakers and energy companies have been working for many years to make road transportation less dependent on petroleum products.

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