Lockdown? Revise or Discover the Energies!

Published on 05.25.2020

Planète Energies is offering factsheets on energy-related topics to help make learning and revising fun.

Factsheets on energy-related topics to help make learning ou révising energies

On each factsheet, you will find a short video with a game or exercise related to the topic covered.

All content is organized by level: Elementary / Intermediate / Advanced

Planète Energies also offers a range of media (infographics, videos, reports, close‑ups, slideshows, etc.) all about energy. These are aimed at giving young people and their teachers and parents key facts on all types of energy, as well as how they can be used responsibly.

The site is packed with content, with even more on Twitter or on Planète Energies’ YouTube channel.


See the Facsheets :


> Download the Factsheets report (PDF)