Manoelle Lepoutre

Manoelle Lepoutre

Managing director Fondation d'entreprise Total

Manoelle Lepoutre is Senior Vice President, Civil Society Engagement since 1st September 2016.

She began her career for Elf in Exploration and Production Research & Development, where she was in charge of Basin Modelling (petroleum evaluation of sedimentary basins and of exploration prospects).

She had then several positions in Exploration, as an operational geologist in France and getting progressively larger responsibilities, as Area Exploration Manager in Netherlands, and Vice President Exploration in Norway for Elf, then Vice President Geosciences in US for Total, from 2000 to 2003. In 2004, she has been assigned Vice President Research and Development for Total Exploration and Production, before being appointed Senior Vice President, Sustainable Development and Environment in 2009 and Senior Vice President, Senior Executives for the Group in 2013.

Manoelle Lepoutre is a graduate from « École nationale supérieure de Géologie de Nancy » (France) and from the French Petroleum Institute High School (ENSPM).