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Yemen's Huthis allow UN team to visit 'time bomb' tanker: source

Yemen's Huthi rebels have given UN inspectors the green light to inspect a decaying oil tanker abandoned off the coast with 1.1 million barrels of crude on board which experts say could rupture at any time.

A breach of the vessel would have disastrous results for Red Sea marine life and tens of thousands of impoverished people who depend on fishing for their livelihood.

UN to hold crisis talks as decaying Yemen tanker risks disaster

An abandoned oil tanker lying off Yemen's coast with 1.1 million barrels of crude on board is deteriorating badly and could rupture at any time, with disastrous results for Red Sea marine life, UN and other experts warn.

The 45-year-old FSO Safer is anchored off the port of Hodeida under the control of the Iran-backed Huthi rebels, who have blocked United Nations efforts to send a team of experts to assess its condition.

Bottom of the barrel: IEA sees oil output recovery

Oil output hit a nine-year low last month as producers reacted to the plunge in demand triggered by the coronavirus crisis, the IEA said Friday, but output is now set to recover.

While the Paris-based International Energy Agency warned that the resurgence of the coronavirus in parts of the world injected added uncertainty into forecasts, it sees the market turning a corner.

Siemens shifts away from coal as it wins spin-off backing

German industrial giant Siemens on Thursday unveiled plans to set its energy subsidiary on the road towards a coal-power-free future, as it won backing from shareholders to spin off the unit.

Days after Germany agreed to end use of coal-fired power generation by 2038, the conglomerate's chief executive Joe Kaeser underlined plans to shift its division Siemens Energy towards a greener model.