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Oil and gas firms invest less than 1% in green energy

While certain oil and gas majors have sought to burnish their green credentials, overall less than one percent of the sector's total investment is going into clean energy projects, a report said Monday.

Experts are increasingly worried that that target set in the 2015 Paris accord to limit global temperature rises to "well below" 2C is rapidly becoming unattainable, condemning the world to a cascade of costly droughts, superstorms, floods and wildfires as greenhouse gasses warm the atmosphere.

Qatar signs $470 mn solar deal

Gas-rich Qatar signed a $470-million deal on Sunday to build its first solar energy plant, capable of meeting up to one-tenth of peak national power demand.

The Al-Kharsaah plant, near the capital, is a 10-square-kilometre (4-sq-mile) joint venture with French and Japanese partners due for completion in 2022 ahead of the football World Cup.

"Eight times the solar power pledged in the World Cup bid will be produced," Energy Minister Saad al-Kaabi told a media briefing in Doha.

Jordan parliament demands ban on Israel gas imports

Jordan's parliament Sunday voted in favour of a law to ban gas imports from Israel, weeks after the Jewish state began pumping it to the kingdom in a $10 billion deal.

It remained unclear however whether the government in Amman would back the legislative push against an agreement which it has said improves energy security for Jordanians.

Earlier this month Israel began exporting gas from the offshore Leviathan field to neighbours Jordan and Egypt -- the only two Arab countries it has peace treaties with -- under a 15-year agreement.

UK looks to offshore wind for green energy transition

Britain, a global leader in offshore wind energy, plans to make the sector one of the pillars of its transition to carbon neutrality in the coming decades.

The country aims to quadruple its offshore electricity production capacity by 2030 by utilising the windswept North Sea and a favourable policy environment.

"It's more conducive to build offshore in the UK than anywhere else in Europe," said James Brabben, of Cornwall Insight energy consultancy.